Break-a-thon 2021

success on February 27th

You came together to help Mental Health and Addiction
and supporting Reach Out Centre for Kids (The ROCK)

Event Success

A successful Break-Thon 2000 this year worked towards raising $15,000+ for the Reach Out Center for Kids.

Thanks to all who donated. A special thanks to our team who loaded and unloaded the boards. Great job!

Also thank you to Tamarak Lumber for donating the boards, to Mr. Michael Tibollo Ontario Minister for Mental Health and Addiction, Halton Deputy Police Chief Roger Wilkie and MPP Stephen Crawford for coming out for support.

  • 60% of youth in the GTA feel stressed to the point that it impacts their daily life.

  • 42% of Ontario’s parents have increased their substance use since the pandemic began.

  • Increased risk for PTSD due to pandemic. Higher than due to any natural disaster.

  • 30% of youth are at high-risk for mental illness/harm.

  • 19% of youth at moderate risk.
  • 59% of parents noted behavioral changes in their child ranging from outbursts, extreme irritability, to drastic changes in mood, behavior, or personality.

  • 60% of youth have difficulty sleeping.

  • 25% of youth reported feeling persistent sadness or hopelessness.

  • 52% of youth have increased their video game time.

  • 45% of Ontario children have reported that their mental health has deteriorated since COVID-19 began.

coming together to help

2000 Boards

One man, 2000 boards to support Mental Health & Addiction.

Community Care

They have been there for us, now as a community we can help them out.

Needed Support

Coming together for a solid provincial charity.

Donate NOW!

All funds will go to the designated charity, Mental Health & Addiction.

Supporting Testimonials

Stephen Crawford MPP

It is my pleasure to recognize and thank Mike Morningstar of Morningstar Taekwon-Do for holding the Break-A-Thon 2000 charity event on February 27, 2021.
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Stephen J. Tanner - Chief of Police

On behalf of the Halton Regional Police Service, I am honoured and privileged to support Break-A-Thon 2000 sponsored by Morningstar Taekwon-Do.
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people helping people

Hinged on the proven success of this event being as unique as the times we are faced with now. This will be one man’s effort to make an impact with the support of the students of Morningstar Taekwon-Do. 

Please stay tuned for the live streaming of this event and how you can contribute to the provincial services of Mental Health & Addiction.

You came out and it was a great event!

It was almost 20 years since the last Break-a-thon! 

It came to life with spectacular success for R.O.C.K.

Break-a-Thon 500

Year: 1990
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: Halton Lung Association
Amount Raised: $4,800

Break-a-Thon 600

Year: 1991
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: Children’s Wish Foundation
Amount Raised: $5,200

Break-a-Thon 1000

Year: 1995
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: Halton Lung Association
Amount Raised: $5,000

Break-a-Thon 2000

Year: 1996
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: Heart & Stroke Foundation
Amount Raised: $7,200

Break-a-Thon 2000 - B2K

Year: 1999
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: United Way of Oakville
Amount Raised: $4,150.05

Break-a-Thon 2000 - B2K

Year: 2005
Location: Oakville Place – Centre Court
Charity: Kidney Foundation of Canada
Amount Raised: $15,294

Break-a-Thon 2000 - B2K

Year: 2009
Location: Hopedale Mall (now South Oakville Centre)
Charity: Diabetes Hope Foundation
Amount Raised: $12,294